William Stewart

William Stewart is a photographer, delighting in making books…

website: williamstewart.me



Horizons, Series 1

A collection of bespoke printed, limited edition, folding booklets.


Ancient Dialogues

Juxtaposing ancient Greek sculptures with female nudes explores the sensuality of ancient sculpture and its very human sensibilities.

Abandoned, Oppède Le Vieux

The villages in France, and more generally in Europe have been in existence for many hundreds of years. In that time they accumulate stories, tales of adventure, of love, of woe, and of those that lie in ruins. In some, a natural cause might obscure a darker history…

Ceci n’est pas un cappuccino

Coffee, a habit, a lifestyle, an addiction, a beverage that has captured the hearts and minds of the world over many centuries. In this book, William explores the history, the economics, the recipes, the technologies, often in a light-hearted, and always thought-provoking manner, of our favourite beverage.

A Fortunate Land: The Norse in Greenland

Intrigued by the landscape and the Norse settlement of Greenland, photographing and exploring the Eastern Settlement area, the nexus of their presence here. Featuring an essay, “The Norse In Greenland”, from renowned climate scientist, Astrid E.J. Ogilvie.

Trees: A Photographic Collection

Trees celebrates the trees around us, in fields, in parks, in cities, in forests.

Albumen Gallery Editions

William has published exhibitions and books with Albumen Gallery, a London based gallery presenting fine-art photography, with regular exhibitions.

Egypt Street Sellers