Suzanne Phoenix

Suzanne Phoenix is a Melbourne photographer, artist, zine and bookmaker. Photos punctuate her life through portraits, the street and daily life. Suzanne grasps every opportunity to document moments of people and subcultures from those exploring gender and sexual fluidity to hotrod dirt rallies and small town country shows.


The Lilydale Project

Suzanne’s first hand made artist book combines childhood archival analogue photographs and digital photographs created over 2 years after moving back to the Yarra Valley surrounded by the aggression, the beauty, the disenfranchised and the dreamers that make up what we know as ‘middle Australia’.

A one off unique book. Purchase: contact Suzanne Phoenix 


Society has become obsessed with tape and in turn so has Suzanne Phoenix.

Self published 2016. Purchase: Online Bookstore

Bradmill Factory

Photographs of the abandoned Bradmill Factory in Newport, Melbourne in 2013.

Self published 2016. Purchase: Online Bookstore

Suburban Autos 

Photographic project of loved classic cars and suburbs of our Australian childhood. They provide nostalgia to a much simpler time where capturing life through the car window is all one needs.

Self published 2017. Purchase: Online bookstore