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Double Exposure 2 : Broken Hill and Bang Rak

Double Exposure 2 : Broken Hill and Bang Rak

Collaboration between two photographers Wuthipol Ujathammarat and Suzanne Phoenix.

After unveiling rare perspectives of Melbourne and Yarra Valley in a work that embraces the art of double exposure in 2016, Suzanne and Wuthipol reunite to create artistic imagery that merges two very different landscapes, Broken Hill and Bang Rak.

Broken Hill is a frontier mining town in outback Australia and now home to the Broken Heel Festival which celebrates the theatrical anniversary of “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” as her spiritual home. Bang Rak is an old commercial port of Bangkok’s past that welcomed all walks of life from east and west, and is now transforming into a creative heartland that plays host to the futuristic Bangkok Design Week.

These Double Exposures bring together the old charms and historic ways of life with new imaginations that both places offer as opportunities to reinvent themselves.

Attached with this work is a series of single exposures, selected by the artists. The readers are encouraged to create their own Double Exposures and share them with the artists #brokenhillbangrak on social media.

Self published 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Size: A5 148mm x 210mm
Paper (covers): Satinesse 180gsm
Paper (inner pages): White Card 160gsm
Binding: Saddle Stitch, Thread
Printer: Cyberprint Group
Purchase: contact Suzanne Phoenix or Wuthipol Ujathammarat

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What Does International Women’s Day Mean to Me 2019?

What Does International Women’s Day Mean to Me 2019?

Each year since 2012 Suzanne Phoenix has curated a photography project – What Does International Women’s Day Mean to Me?

Suzanne brings together a group of inspiring, courageous and often outspoken women to create a visual snapshot of the fierce, funny and extraordinary people who inspire her world. These are women who help build and celebrate the diversity that is the modern female voice.

This self published zine includes women who are providing touchstones for stronger, softer, more relevant female role models, some through gentle focused determination, others through grit, physicality and many through words and song. The women’s portraits are also pasted up as street art in Melbourne.

This project asks them all to answer the same question: What Does International Women’s Day Mean to Me?

Self published 2019. Printed and digital download available. Purchase: contact Suzanne Phoenix

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Whats the ugliest part of your body?

“Whats the ugliest part go your body?” is Stuart’s latest foray into self publishing. It is a 54 page self published book that examines the idea of of chance and coincidence. The pictures are made on the device on hand most often with him,  a smart phone. What makes the work cohesive is an editorial style that looks for patterns or recurrences of imagery after the images are made and then reviewed as a kind of archive mining.