Whats the ugliest part of your body?

“Whats the ugliest part go your body?” is Stuart’s latest foray into self publishing. It is a 54 page self published book that examines the idea of of chance and coincidence. The pictures are made on the device on hand most often with him,  a smart phone. What makes the work cohesive is an editorial style that looks for patterns or recurrences of imagery after the images are made and then reviewed as a kind of archive mining. Continue reading “Whats the ugliest part of your body?”

The Ode to Food Series

Anne has been working on visual odes to the food that she loves. The Odes  include:

  • Ode to Garlic
  • Ode to Tomatoes
  • Ode to Salad Leaves
  • Ode to a Lemon

Each Ode is presented in a concertina form. This is the draft to the Ode to Salad Leaves.